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Matsidiso South Africa: Our Brand Story 


 MATSIDISO: The Handmade Process

 Mat.si.di.so | Sotho name meaning blessings/comfort after difficulty 

Matsidiso is inspired by the beautiful diversity of pan-African cultures. We use vibrant colours and textures, and meld them into our designs in a modern way.

Our handcrafted shoes are designed in-house by me (Hi, I'm Jinae) and run  in partnership with my husband, Christiaan.

Our shoes are produced by our heritage family run factory, with 20 years in the shoe manufacturing industry behind it, originally focusing on dance shoes and dance footwear. To this day, our factory still makes dance shoes for SA's local ballerinas.

Each of our eleven shoe cobblers has an incredible history in the footwear industry (some working over 35 years in footwear). Our vision is that through our ethically made shoes, we will have the opportunity to help build the SA economy by offering team members pension plans, educational funds for their family members, and will offer ongoing learning and upskilling, to ensure that our team is more resilient to the sometimes unforeseen changes in a rocky economy. 

The Matsidiso bespoke handbag and accessories range are an extension of our story. Working with a trust of women in Cape Town and in collaboration with design house, UGLEE, each bag is carefully crafted using only the finest leathers and materials that are locally sourced or created in-house. Quality and original designs that divulge a rich history of Africa are the essences of each design, nothing has been left out.
Beyond this, Matsidiso will use their platform to build awareness around and raise money toward important socio-economic matters in Africa. They are 'Shoes For The Liberated' on a mission to break the chains of the destructive mass production cycle, educate their local and global community around sustainability and to aid their team with the right skills and salaries so that they can live more empowered lives.
The Matsidiso Team
From The Team: Matsidiso

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing: Matsidsio Shoes Story

How we source is as equally important as how we work.
Our suppliers consist of a series of proudly South African businesses that practice ethical employment standards and source their materials with the most care.
We only use A-grade, aniline or Trophy grade springbok / cowhides, ensuring that our products are of the highest standards. Further, our leathers are either a bi-product of the meat industry, culling or come from contained farms within South Africa that have restrictions and best practice regulations inclusive of vet certifications to ensure the animals were treated ethically and were not mass produced for their leathers.

Behind The Scenes 

Andrea Shoe Team: Matsidso Shoes

South Africa is a complicated climate in which to manufacture, with many socio- economical challenges that have continued to threaten the manufacturing sector over the years.

This is why we care so greatly about ensuring our employees have safe working environments where they are constantly challenged to learn new skills and feel secure in their jobs.

We hope that through working with us, not only will they find a family, but should they decide to move on, they will be equipped with additional skills that can take them to even greater heights. We want to see our team flourish.

Further, we offer fair wages that are set above the industry standards.

It is our mission and long-term goal to offer pension funds and offer shares into our company, so that our employees no longer worry about their future for themselves and their families.

By shopping with us, you become a part of our family and make an impact far greater than we could say.

Each pair of Matsidiso shoes is carefully packaged in our recycable branded boxes. We thoughtfully wrap each pair in tissue, and provide a duster bag made of locally upcycled fabrics. No two bags are the same. 

Sustainable Packaging

 Sustainable Packaging: Matsidiso Shoes

We believe in using the most sustainable and ethically sourced packaging, and have taken every necessary step in order to ensure beautiful branding with least carbon impact. Plus, having an original duster bag aligns with our value proposition to be original, instead of mass produced.

Learn more about the origins of our name and how we got our start here!

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