Your Ethical Gift Guide: The Only Gift Guide That Matters

An early Merry Christmas to you and yours, darling! Welcome to our first annual ‘Ethical Gift Guide’ blog. As far as we’re concerned, this is the only gift guide that matters.

 *The guilt-free kind that includes plenty of spoils for yourself* 

We’ve got gifts for the whole fam. A little something special for that someone special.


12 Days Of Christmas

If you don’t already know, we’ve just started our very own ‘12 Days Of Xmas’ campaign, where we release exclusive offers and daily deals and steals to end 2019 off with a bang!  It’s kind of like a cross between Mariah Carey’s classic ‘All I Want For Christmas’ hit single, topped with your favourite Gin and Tonic, and a side of your toes deep in sand at the beach. Pretty great, right?!  To get in on the festivities, sign up to our mailing list here. 


For Your Mom

Shopping for your mama' should be pretty simple, right? I mean, you should know her pretty well, so shopping for her should be a breeze! Ugh, who am I kidding!? I have a mild panic attack every time I buy something for my mom. There’s so much pressure to get the perfect gift for the woman who birthed you, I mean what do you buy the woman who’s nurtured you, fed you and clothed you until you were finally able to do it yourself?. (Lord knows I still need help when it comes to being fed.) 
If you’re like me and you wanna’ get your mama the perfect gift this Christmas, I’ve put together a few ethical gifts that would make any mother swoon. *I’m talking the kind of gifts that will score you major brownie points*

  1. If she adores her bags then the Elan Convertable shopper will be her new best friend! This luxurious springbok shopper in vanilla, chocolate and caramel shades will leave you with heart-eyes for sure! Practical yet chic, the Springbok shopper comes with a matching purse and chain. This African-chic bag is perfect for the avid shopper, the fashionable mama, and any woman who wants to fill her bag with as many little (or big) things as she can find.
  1. If your mama isn't a heels person then the Linde Loafer is the next best thing! She's cute, she's hand made and she provides hours of support for all those hard-working mothers who're on their feet all day!
  1. If she is a fan of heels then the Patricia Block Heel In Black / Nguni Salt & Pepper is perfect for her! Patricia is strong, unique, and is the ultimate African/European hybrid combining the elegance of a typical heel, and the design and textures of Africa. She effortlessly transitions from a daytime coffee date shoe with your girls to a nighttime event heel with your man.
  1. If your mom loves jewellery then she'll adore our Oba Loop Earrings. When she wears her Oba earrings she walks with grace, poise and with purpose. She's a guaranteed head-turner. These handmade, African-chic gems are made of up-cycled Nguni Gold cowhide.

For Your Bestie

A fun one! Who doesn’t love shopping for their bestie!? Shopping for your bestie is such a heart-warming, fun-loving activity for which, I, personally look forward to doing!

Have fun when shopping for your bestie! This is your one opportunity to get away with buying something a little out of the ordinary, something spectacular, something that not many people have... something like our Dineo Bootie In Toffee and Multi Splash Cowhide, our African-chic take on a cowboy bootie. Seal the deal with a matching pair of earrings to unlock new friendship levels.



1.  The Day Sling bag is the cutest yet most practical gift you could give a bestie! This day bag is swathed in luxurious springbok hair in grey, chocolate and caramel shades. The sling strap can be worn draped on your shoulder and across your body—or you can even knot the slim strap and hold it in your hand. Your bestie is guaranteed to love you forever if you get her this baggie!


  1. If your bestie is a lover of heels and all things fashion then she will definitely appreciate the Amara Court Shoe. The Amara Court is where comfort meets elegance. She looks like a heel but fits like a slipper to allow you to be the boss lady we know you are without any of that typical high heel drama.
  1.  The Tau Bow Slider is the perfect Christmas/Summer gift. Made of locally spun fabrics with an adjustable bow that can be tied to best fit to your foot. Extravagant and elegant, this is a sandal that can be dressed up or down. Not just for the beach, but for warm- summer nights out dressed to make an impression.

4. If your budget is slightly less extravagant, no worries! We’ve got the perfect pair of Oba Loop Earrings for your bestie! A small but meaningful gift that was made from up-cycled materials. Yay!

For Your Pops

Let’s face it. Men are simple creatures, especially our fathers. All they demand is comfort, braai wors and to be left alone during the rugby. I’ve always found it especially calming to shop for my dad because he never asks for much and is grateful for absolutely everything, especially a gift from his daughter.

Go the extra mile for your old man by getting him probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes he’s ever worn, the Khule Oxford In Espresso. A shoe that he can wear to church and is comfy enough to wear around the house.



  1. Treat your old man with our Khule Oxford In Espresso. Where formal meets comfort. I guarantee your pops won’t need to be another pair of shoes after he’s tested these bad boys!
  1. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always get him one of our leather cardholders, remember it’s the thought that counts. Our ethically made card holders come in a variety of shades and patterns and there is definitely one that your dad will appreciate.


For Your Hubby

Ahhh, buying gifts for the hubby. One of my favourite things to do. As women, we’re typically the shoppers of the household and often feels like our job and responsibility to never disappoint, especially when it comes to shopping for our better half- so we've taken the pressure off and made it super easy for you. 

I’ve put together a few gift ideas that any hubby will appreciate and will allow you to cash in on a few back rubs in return (at the very least)! *Score* But if you've trained him well, he'll have also gotten you favourite Matsidiso's- because duh!

  1. Score major points by buying your hubby our men’s bestseller - The Tlali Chukka boot In Black / Rose. This shoe will definitely make your partners day, especially if your man appreciates fine craftsmanship *he must, if he’s married to you* This boot is the perfect gift because it combines a plain leather boot with little rose details, reminiscent of traditional Ndebele houses. What’s not to love?
  1. If your man is more of a casual fellow then he’ll appreciate the Karabo Slip On In Olive more. The Karabo provides endless comfort and it pairs well with everything! It can also be dressed up for a formal event!
  1. 3. If you’re still in need of a stocking filler for your partner then our ethically wild cardholders will do the trick. They’re made from upcycled materials and this way he can keep a permanent reminder of Matsidiso in his back pocket. 

For Yourself

Yay! Now comes the best part, shopping for the baddest fashionista in town... *you*!

You’ve worked sooo hard this year. You deserve something extra to put a smile on your face one last time before the nightmare that is prepping for Christmas nears. And hey, if you’re broke by the time Christmas comes, at least you’ll look cute and know that you’ve contributed to the slow fashion movement and are helping make our planet more sustainable.

I’ve saved some of our best gift ideas for you. *You can thank me later*


  1. I chose The Nia Slider just for you because it’s fluffy *duh* and soft enough to melt all your troubles away. 


  1. The Oba Loop Earring In Black will go so well with that LDB you haven’t worn in a while. *Hello New Years accessories*


  1. 3. The Patricia Block Heel In Ballet Pink / Nguni Gold is just to die for! It really is the stuff dreams are made of and *you* deserve it! Take her out on a date or pair her with a pair of comfy jeans for a more casual look.


  1. The Mavourneen Clutch In Leopard Print is the perfect amount of practical and extravagance. Paint the town red with this ethically wild leopard print clutch by your side. Made of the highest quality sustainably-sourced materials. Designed to go from day to night, you can carry it on your shoulder for afternoon dates and unclip the tassel and skinny strap to make it a clutch for evening parties.


Still not convinced what to buy and for who? Get your loved ones of our gift cards. A fitting gift for any lover of shoes, ethical style and sustainable fashion.
Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays!
Love the Matsidiso fam

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