Your August 2019 Shoe-scope

I know what you're thinking, ‘Oh lawd, these people are trying to sell me shoes yet again when they know damn well how poor I am! ’* begins to take money out of purse*

 If this is you right now, then you’re not alone. Please leave your name, number, and how much shoe debt you’re in on a scale of 1 - 10 below so that we can cry together over iced coffee. 

You may have also recently had an “oh crap, it’s August moment” Well, you’re not alone because I had that exact realization a few minutes ago while writing this blog.

Writing this has been bittersweet, as I realize now how long I’ve been putting both personal and work-related goals off because I fell into the trap that everyone slumps into...Thinking you have more time, and then the next thing you know, you’re a 45-year-old woman, wearing crocs and elastic jeans, sharing NikNaks with your cat, wondering where the time went? (Basically me, right now.)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this year is moving along swiftly, I’m honestly so proud of myself for getting this far, and having the strength and patience to make it through every day, (without wanting to choke someone.) 

My point is... don’t get lost in the thought of how you’ve wasted so much of your life trying artisan coffees and finding out what type of pasta you are on Buzzfeed. Instead, indulge in our very first annual shoe-scope! A much better way of recycling your previously wasted time (and last we checked recycling is very chic).


Lala Mule In Rose

You’re an ambitious go-getter! You’re ready to show the world a raw, unapologetic version of yourself and honestly, it’s about damn time!  August is the month you start feeling more empowered than ever, and you’re gonna make sure you get exactly what you want! Including a new pair of shoes! Minimalism and practical is the epitome of your vocabulary. You make confident statements the subtle way and your ideal pair of shoes should reflect that!

If you're looking for sass with a whole lotta' style, LaLa's your girl! A mix of practical and feminine for a girl on the go, these rose leather 2-inch  block-heeled mules are for a chic woman who embraces a distinguished outlook on life. 



Ausi Slip On In Toffee Leather

Okay, so you’re practical and responsible. You’re the one who looks at both sides of the road before crossing. The purse holder at the club, if you will. You constantly get stuck into the same routine, but honey, this is your month to emerge from your woman cave and try new things!

 Try at least one thing that you’ve been putting off, whether it’s starting that new exercise routine, or inviting the in-laws over for a quick (and I do mean quick) tea.

 Whatever you choose to do, the Ausi slip-on in diesel toffee, the practical yet chic slip-on, is in this with you for the long run! 




Xolani Oxford In Chartreuse and White Dots

You’re intuitive, you’re imaginative, you’re a damn goddess, and you’re ready to take on the world in style! You’re about to experience a couple of changes in your life this season, but whether it’s a change in your job, your personal life, or your wardrobe, remember that this change will only bring happiness and will have you on your way to bigger and better things. You’ll want to spend more time with friends and family as well, and we have just the shoe for the job!


Show off your whimsical personality with our Xolani Oxford in Chartreuse. The hand-painted canvas Xolani shoe was modelled off someone who is bursting with life. Xolani means peace, and the wearer of this almond-toe derby is at peace with herself. She is proud to be one-of-kind and doesn't concern herself with fads and trends. 




Designer Handcrafed Shoe - Noxolo Oxford

You’ve been in your head for a few months after a few major disappointments, but it’s time to put yourself back out there. You need to open up more, babe. Start small, take more selfies, go for that drink, and try on those leather pants you’ve been eyeing for months. You need to remember that disappointments are a part of life. Don’t stress girl, you’ve got this because you’re a baddie! 


The Noxolo is the perfect shoe for new beginnings! Noxolo means peace. The distinct and angular cut-out is our own representation of the beautiful Ndebele art as a shoe that uses geometric shapes and bright colours. These special shoes are an omen of peace to those who wear them. 



 Benya Oxford In Mustard Leather

Your motto for the month is to just do you! You’re taking care of yourself, and rightfully so! No one has a better understanding of your innermost thoughts and needs than you do. Once you understand what you need, you’ll be kicking ass and taking names, and your independent, courageous personality will shine through!


Make bold strides in our Benya cut-out Oxford in OchrePerky yet polished, this derby is a sophisticated way to dress for fun in the sun. Take a break from sandals or espadrille sneakers to give the Benya a chance. The two-tone lace-up comes in three colour options, one that's bold and colourful and two others that are traditional and easy to match. With a name that literally means “to shine,” these shoes help you look and feel like the star you are thanks to a distinguished cutout design that supports local South African craftsman.



Liyana Oxford In Rose - Handcrafted In Africa

This month you’re detail-oriented! This is the perfect time to finish (or start) some of those projects you’ve been putting off. You’re the perfect combo of left- and right-brained and this will come in handy this month when making decisions. There will be a few surprises in store for you this month, and not just because it's your birthday month. This is the year you reach your potential, babe! 


The Liyana Oxford in Rose Trio is your girl! Just like you, she’s the perfect combo of practical and pretty! The hard lines and shape of the shoe are softened by the soft, ice-cream like colour palette. A staple for any Virgo! 



Palesa Flat In Metallic Silver Leather - Handcrafted In Africa

You’re loving, diplomatic, but most importantly, you’re comfy in your own skin! You’re feeling some serious sister energy this month! Focus on strengthening bonds by making plans with your girls. Get drinks after work, get group facials, and take a road trip down to Kalk Bay for a coffee and selfies! 


The Palesa is pretty and feminine, these elegant flats are named for flowers — fitting since they make a sweet, picture-perfect addition to any look. All Palesa variations are hand-assembled with leather soles and socks. A rounded topline and almond toe creating a flattering silhouette that's perpetually in style, and best of all, comfortable. 



Kaya Oxford In Jaguar Print - Handcrafted In South Africa

You’re a fiery babe, and you’re well aware of it, as you should be!  After all, passion isn’t your middle name for no reason. It’s that time of the year where you’ll need to pay extra attention to your goals and how to achieve them. It’s also important to remember to keep an open mind when things don’t turn out exactly how you planned. That’s life, and that’s what keeps things exciting!


Nothing says passion like The Jaguar Printed Kaya Oxford! Kaya also means restful place—which is where you'll be transported to in these soft steppers. Designed for working women, busy moms and boss ladies, this style looks polished while prioritizing the comfort needed on long days. 



Linde Loafer In Diesel Black - Handmade Shoes Crafted In South Africa

You're an on- the- go girl, an active babe, and you drink iced coffee like it’s nobody's business, which it is not! You’re not only active, but you’re also creative as well. When last have you learned a new skill or brushed up on one of your other skills? Take this time to refine your talents. With this, you’ll learn more confidence and will be skipping down the road to self-discovery!


Your closet is long overdue for this addition. The Linde is an essential quality-crafted flat made with a leather upper, lining and sole. When it comes to footwear, our years of experience have taught us that comfort trumps everything else—although we don't settle for mediocrity when it comes to style either. With an almond toe, high throat and two-part construction, the Linde falls somewhere between a ballet flat and a loafer.  It's just the shoe the modern-day superwoman needs to accomplish her busy to-do list.



Dineo Bootie In Olive - Designer Shoes Handmade In South Africa

You’re more intuitive this month, especially when it comes to reading between the lines and putting things into perspective. Here’s a question though - When was the last time you were in your feels? You’ve been so focused on analyzing everything that maybe you need to take a step back and just feel a little, whether it’s journaling, rewatching 27 Dresses for the 56th time, or just having a good ol’ cry. Make time this month to express your feelings unreservedly.


The Dineo is a vintage-inspired tie bootie with a natural wood Cuban heel. The design is inspired by creative and inspired women. It's for the person who hopes for the best but knows change doesn't happen with optimism alone. She is a doer and a go-getter who makes things happen. She supports causes close to her heart and local companies to make her community a better place.  



Tau African Bow Sandal - Handmade In South Africa

Repeat after me - Stop overanalyzing everything. I’ll say it again for the aunty in the back. Stop overthinking everything, babe. Not everything has to be a ‘thing’. Sooner or later it’s gonna take a toll, not only on your health but on your relationships with others. Focus on things that help lift your spirits. You are one of the most creative signs. Start painting again and remember that it’s okay to sometimes go with the flow.


The Tau Bow Sandal in metallic silver will guide you on your path to being more patient and relaxed. This is our modern spin on the African bow sandal. Made of unique colourful fabric with an adjustable bow that can be tied to best fit to your foot.  



Lea Slider In Hazelnut Leather and Cowhide

You’re a generous spirit who surrounds herself with good energy. This month people will start recognizing your time and efforts. A few exciting things will be happening at work this month, and you’ll also be faced with a few major decisions, and while you’re known for being a little dramatic, listen to your gut before you make any decisions! 


Our favourite kind of footwear favours chicness, comfort and efficiency. The Lea gives us all three with a premium band of spotted calf hair, a flat heel and an open back. The mule opens with a pointy caramel leather vamp and continues with a modern cutout and a thick textured strap in complementary colours. Perfect for women seeking cool shoes that don't appear ostentatious or overdone.


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