What's it like to be a woman working in footwear? Let our fabulous female footwear family give you a first-hand look at what footwear has taught them and what it takes to thrive in a typically male-dominated industry. 


In this week's series, meet Nadima; A professional shoe fitter, who is just as dominant as her male co-workers.

How long have you been making shoes?  

To tell you the truth, it's been more than 18 years.

What is your favourite part of the process?

I don't really have one specific part that I love more, I enjoy everything I do.

Currently, what are you most passionate about in the footwear process?

To see the end result of the shoes we made. That's the most satisfying. 

What is your favourite Matsidiso shoe and why?

The Noxolo Oxford in Rose. I love the pattern, it's very attractive to me.

What has making shoes taught you?

It has taught me a lot and I've learned so many things from so many people. Having all this experience makes me want to do my best because I want the client to be happy.

What has it been like working as a woman in a mostly man dominated industry?

It's been somewhat of a challenge... I'm also quite a dominant person so it hasn't really affected me that much, although, In the past, I have struggled with male co-workers who don't know what I do and therefore think they can question my work and experience. 

Thank you so much, Nadima! You are an amazing asset to our team and we are grateful to have you. Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey in footwear.

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