Women In Footwear: Meet Aunty Pam

What's it like to be a woman working in footwear? Let our fabulous female footwear family give you a first-hand look at what footwear has taught them and what it takes to thrive in a typically male-dominated industry. 
In this week's series, meet Aunty Pam; A guru of all things shoe-related. who believes that us women need to show men that we can take control as well.

How long have you been making shoes?  

A lifetime. I started making shoes when I was 17 years old. I first started working at Jordan Footwear, then I got retrenched. Then I was given a job at Turning Point.

What is your favourite part of the process?

I think everything is my favourite part. If you have a passion for something then you'll like to work, and I like what I do.

Currently, what are you most passionate about in the footwear process?

The Matsidiso range. Since the brand started, my day has been more exciting and is filled with new challenges.

What is your favourite Matsidiso shoe and why?

(Giggles) I like the Amahle shoe because the fit is excellent.  I also like the Nguni silver colour.

What has making shoes taught you?

Over the years you build more confidence in yourself, especially when making decisions with the shoes. The older you get, the more you grow.

What has it been like working as a woman in a mostly man dominated industry?

It's been challenging... Sometimes the men want to assume control over certain situations, but us women need to show them that we can take control as well.

Thank you so much, Aunty Pam! You are an amazing asset to our team and we are grateful to have you. Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey in footwear.

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