Why You Absolutely Need Block Heels in Your Life

I hope you have enough space in your closet because the underdog of shoes has made the biggest comeback in 2019! I’m talking of course about the block heel.

Scientists have confirmed that lower, block and kitten heels are the future of footwear and we are totally here for it! Now, I'm not saying that you need to throw your higher heels out… but you probably should.

Why We Love It...

Now, I know its the middle of the year, and I know that you promised yourself that you weren't gonna splurge on yet another pair of shoes, but see this as an investment for your feet. The block heel is more than just a chic, trendy shoe - it’s also a completely trans-seasonal style, which can be worn throughout the year and can be paired with anything from a pleated skirt to sweat pants. (You heard me)
 Here are just a few reasons why we adore the block heel!

They’re Comfy As Hell

Was this sub-heading too subtle? Because let me tell you, as a shoe connoisseur ( a title that I gave myself) I’ve been around the BLOCK when it comes to finding the right shoe, and full disclosure, most of the shoes I wear are pretty to look at but good lord they make my feet hurt! I’ve always told myself ‘who cares if it hurts, as long as you look good in the streets, girl!’ This is a motto that I’ve grown up with, and I’m constantly chanting ‘suffer for beauty, suffer for beauty’ BUT I JUST DON’T WANT TO ANYMORE! *crying face*

This is where the block heel comes in. They instantly elevate your shoe game without putting strain on your feet! They’re suitable for all ages, yes I’m looking at you, aunty! The heel is also lower to the ground so limping around all day like a wounded gazelle is a thing of the past, girl!

The Heels, Darling

I’ve always been a fan of simplicity with a sprinkle of a lil’ sumin’ extra, ya know?
 There are so many block heels that have perfected the ‘business in the front, party at the back’ style! By offering a simple, yet chic front finished off with a wooden, architectural or abstract heel that would make any shoe-loving woman say ‘take my coins now!’ 

We appreciate the shoemakers who put in the time and effort to craft beautiful and unique heels, and who are also making use of recyclable or sustainable materials to create their heels, making the world a better place, one pretty shoe at a time! Matsidiso has a chic range of wooden block heels, made from sustainable leather that was sourced in South Africa.

They Suit Any Occasion

How lucky are we to live in a fashion-forward country where eclecticism is evident in everything we wear! Combining traditional textures with modern styles have become the norm and combining styles has never been more fun! The block heel can be dressed up OR down and come in a variety of materials! They are an absolute staple for work and can be paired with any pant or skirt. That being said, they also pair well for any formal event, where you’ll be standing for hours on end, including weddings, as they offer hours of comfort and support!

Now that you’ve read the Block Heel Bible, you’re now able to go out and get yourself a pair or three of comfy, yet chic block heels. The only thing left to do is to sissy that walk, girl!

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