Why Humans Need Love.


It’s not the air we breathe or the water we drink. It’s not the food we eat or the roof over our heads. It may not be considered a basic need for human survival - but Love sure is a need that carries its weight!

Sadly, it’s often times of depth and despair that make us appreciate this universal resource, but we really shouldn’t take it for grated and here’s why….

5 Reasons Why We Need Love!


  • Love makes us happy - and we’re not just saying that! Dopamine is known to release its feel-good vibes when we are in love or feel loved… so booya!

  • Love reduces stress – yup! Those, ‘how was your day’ chats and ‘home from work kisses’ help us to feel safe and secure, which releases oxytocin (the bonding hormone). This keeps us cool, calm and relatively stress free!

  • Love eases anxiety - lonely feelings make us feel insecure and threatened which cause a rise in our cortisol and adrenaline levels – which boosts anxiety. So staying on that happy train and sharing special moments with your loved ones – is actually super important!

  • Love promotes selfcare – Sometimes it’s the one who really cares about you who tells you to ‘get that checked’, before you even think anything of it! Which is why self-care is so important if you’re a singleton! Loving and appreciating yourself will help you to stay in tune with your body and ahead of any potential health risks.

  • Love brings longevity – because those who know us best bring consistent social and emotional support. Having someone who can hold you accountable to a healthy lifestyle or steer you clear of a bad life choice – means more to our longevity than we may know! Love also means lower rates of substance abuse, lower blood pressure and less depression. Which means surrounding yourself with loving friends and family – can only be a good thing!

In short… love is good for you! Whether it be a warm fuzzy hug from someone in your ‘social bubble’, a text from a friend to say they are ‘thinking about you and hope you’re safe’, or a random meme, that only you and your bestie will find funny. Love is in the little things and can come from many different people in many different ways!

So, wherever you are and whoever you love, be sure to love with an honest, happy, and healthy heart!

Resource – TIME Health - https://time.com/5136409/health-benefits-love/

Sending health, happiness and a whole lotta Love

-Samantha & The Matsidiso Team

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