Who Is Big Bad Wolf? 9 Questions With Ricci Kalish.

 When it comes to fashion, we thrive on meeting influencers that are winning at being so naturally themselves. Such is the case for Ricci Kalish, a bold blogger and fashion icon in South Africa who speaks her opinion about topics she loves and has a drool-worthy Instagram account where you can find the most stunning statement pieces in her own authentic way. 

  1. Please share with us who your favourite SA fashion/lifestyle brand is?

I have always been a massive fan of Thebe Magugu. A young designer from Kimberly who has such a beautiful eye for juxtaposing the feminine with the masculine. He is finally getting all the credit he deserves and still is the most down to earth designer I have come across. I also have such an appreciation for brands such as Origin Archival that offer something completely minimalist and unique.

  1. What inspires you when selecting a brand, topic on life, fashion, people and all things South African when compiling one of your written artworks? And yes we do consider them a work of art!

You guys are so, so kind. I have stated in most my articles, my blog is essentially an online diary so I write about things that have been bothering me, or shocked me or inspired me. There is nothing better than lying in bed when I suddenly get a lightning bolt of inspiration. It usually comes in the form of a book. Reading is such a huge part of my life and the books I read help me create.

  1. What are your ‘go to’ gems in your closet, currently?

As it is winter I guess my go-to gem is my fur coat that was passed down to me by my gran. I would never buy fur but I need to be honest, I am obsessed with this piece. I also love my All Saints leather jacket and all my over-the-knee boots- My favourite trend this winter.

  1. How important is it to you to purchase shoes/clothing items etc. that are ethically and sustainably created?

To be brutally honest it was never something I thought about until very recently. I am noticing a lot of bloggers are selling their pieces so people don’t need to by more crap from H&M and the likes. Ever since I watched ‘Our Planet’ it has pushed me to focus on buying quality, not quantity. Do your research and focus on those brands that are taking responsibility and trying to change.

  1. What would your advice to your younger self be?

Be patient, be kind, be authentic and stop being so worried about what other people think of you because most of the time, they don’t think of you at all.

  1. Your word(s) you live by?

Give credit where credits due.

  1. Big Bad Wolf? Please tell us more about this name, we are in love ;)

So when I was about 7 years old I went to a family function and I was wearing a red dress. A family friend turned to my parents and said how cute I looked, just like ‘little red riding hood’. My parents, knowing how feisty I can be laughed and said ‘No, she’s more like the Big Bad Wolf’. And Tada, the Big Bad Wolf was born.

  1. What is the leading emotion you wish to portray through your blogs, the essence and soul of Big Bad Wolf?

Authenticity. I want people to realise that being fiercely authentic is a rare and rewarding trait we should all be striving for. It’s not about being cruel but knowing who you are and what you will or will not stand for.

  1. Who is the human that inspires or has inspired you the most throughout your life’s journey?

It’s going to be such a cliché but everything I am, everything I have achieved or will achieve is thanks to my mom- Tracy. She has made me realise that the only thing that makes the world go round is human connection and we all should be striving for those authentic connections. Plus, she raised the most perfect daughter ;)

To learn more about Ricci / Big Bad Wolf, you can read her brilliant blog here or get inspiration from her closet at bigbadwolf_sa. 

*Wearing The Mavourneen Clutch In Cerise Springbok and The Lea Slider in Rose / Nguni in the above photos.  

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