We’re Obsessed With These Local, Ethical Brands

“Local is Lekker” is a common South African phrase meaning the things close to home are often the best.

We have so much to celebrate in 2020. The local market is growing. We have so many diverse, colourful and purely South African brands who are making a name for themselves in our community and South Africans are slowly realizing that supporting local is the way to go. 

In this week’s blog, we’re applauding 4 more extraordinary South African brands for basically existing!


Luna Intimates



First up on our list is the luxurious, dreamy, vacay-ready brand, Luna Intimates. Another female-owned brand, *whoop whoop* Luna Intimates was founded by Mianca Teifel who started her business because she wanted to be able to create something using her hands, that could make other women feel comfortable and beautiful in what is closest to their skin.


Why We Love Them

Luna Intimates believe in designing with thought and care and use this ethos to design the most lavish and soft intimate collections ranging from the cutest bralettes to the comfiest sleep sets! Each of their collections speaks to a different woman and a different fantasy. Their aim is to provide luxurious intimate pieces without doing any harm to our planet and it’s resources. 


Henriette Botha



If you’re a fan of one of a kind, timeless jewellery then look no further. Henriette Botha's mission is to create classic pieces that you can adapt over the years. “In a way, the collection is nostalgic, as it harks back to an era before fast fashion when people cherished their jewellery and passed it down to the next generation.”


Why We Love Them

Henriette Botha caters for both the minimalist and the colourful. Combining sleek abstract designs with classic elements to create an eclectic look and feel. The best part is each collection is customizable and can be personalized to bear your unique signature! If that’s not a brand you can get behind then honey, I don’t know!


Flock Fashion & Accessories

Damn, Cape Town seems to be where it’s at this Summer for local brands! If you haven’t heard of this brand then I can only assume you lead a very sheltered life. #sorrynotsorry Flock Fashion is the ultimate Summer festival brand! Their brand exudes all things Summer and fun! 


Why We Love Them

We love them purely because they’re a fresh, ethical brand who is all about fun in the sun! They’re one of the very few brands who make their garments in-house and we’re totally here for it! All their crochet and knitted products are outsourced into the elderly community, how amazing!? We cant wait to see what they have in store this Summer!


Ruff Tung

Remember we said we were gonna’ be more colourful in 2020? (You can’t back out now, we took a digital blood-oath, you and I) And what better way to start our vibrant 2020 than with the vibrant brand, Ruff Tung!


Why We Love Them

Their creations hope to empower the contemporary woman. Each design draws inspiration and energy from the women they dress and celebrates authentic women. Their brand mantra is “live your best life now” and honestly, that’s one of the best things we’ve heard so far in 2020!


Until next time darlings!


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