We Made Your Shoes (& Now Clothes): Fashion Revolution

Meet the faces behind the team who made your shoes! 

From designing patterns, hand cutting the leathers, hand lasting each pair of shoes, stitching, sole making and so much more- meet our brilliant team members who are mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers, just like we are. Each person has their own aspirations and dreams, and each person their own quirks and super powers within the team. All bringing together one amazing group of people we get to call team Matsidiso! 


Join the Fashion Revolution!

(Step Behind-the-seams into the making of Matsidiso clothing)


Fashion Revolution is a global movement of everyday people like you and me, who have committed to placing people, planet and purpose at the forefront of the way we produce and consume clothing. One of our key practices is cultivating a culture of transparency into the inner workings of our brand. And we do this by sharing behind-the-scenes moments with the people who make it all a reality.
Why know who made your clothes? Because ethical fashion is recognizing that there are human beings behind the clothes we wear. From initial design through to pattern-drafting, sampling, cutting and final production there are people, extraordinary people who are passionate about what they do.

5 Shocking (Gasp) Fast Fashion Facts

1. It can take more than 700 gallons of water to make a single cotton t-shirt. It takes a lot of water to grow, manufacture, transport, and wash cotton, which is one of the most popular fabrics used in today’s clothing. It’s estimated that producing one pound of cotton takes 1,320 gallons of water. That equals over 700 gallons for just one t-shirt! Extending the lifecycle of clothing, especially cotton clothing, can reduce your total water footprint and help protect the environment.


2. The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second.


3. Fast fashion is a term used to describe new styles of clothing that are manufactured quickly and sold at very low prices. While fast fashion makes clothing affordable for consumers, it comes at a big cost to the environment. Trendy and cheaply-made clothing has a short lifespan in people’s closets, often leading to more clothes ending up in landfills. Which is why building your wardrobe with slowly made, sustainable, essential pieces are much kinder to our planet.


4. Over 90% of workers in the global garment industry cannot negotiate their wages and conditions, according to the global trade union IndustiALL


5.  Did you know that polyester is used in 60% of clothing today, and it is three times more carbon-intensive than cotton. I was shocked to learn that it is also a leading contributor to plastic pollution in the oceans. 


Want to be a Part of Something Bigger?

(Be a Fashion Revolutionary)


1. Be curious

Ask brands: “Who made my clothes?” You can also sign up to Fashion Revolution for more information about the movement and how you too can make an impact as a citizen


2. Get to know your garments

Check garment labels for the country of origin and fabric information. Most brands will make this information readily available. If you cannot find it on the garment, check the brand website. If you do not find it there, don’t be afraid to ask the brand directly.


3. Take action

Be intentional about your clothing purchases based on the new information you’ve gathered. Start by making small, achievable changes and don’t feel bad if you’re not applying it to every aspect of your wardrobe just yet. We’re all learning how to make better fashion choices.


 4. Share it with your friends

Everything is easier (and a lot more fun) when done with a community of like-minded people. Share the Fashion Revolution with your friends and family and invite them to join in on it too. “Nobody can do everything but, everyone can do something.” - Max Lucado


We hope this helps you on your fashion journey and remember you’re not on this path alone, you’ve got us!


Source - trvst Fast Fashion Facts & Statistics


Sending Love and Light
The Matsidiso Family


  • Zenzile Matlhaku

    Keep up the great work. The shoes are beautiful, comfortable and excellent quality. Well done👌

  • Zenzile Matlhaku

    Keep up the great work. The shoes are beautiful, comfortable and excellent quality. Well done👌

  • Lee-Ann Faure

    This is so very special. This was my first purchase from Matsidiso, and it was a fabulous experience. In this day and age to receive such personalised attention as a customer is highly commendable. My baobabs are so comfortable and typically my style and seeing the hands who made them have made them even more special! Thank you!!

  • Catherine

    Thank you for introducing us to the faces behind the brilliant designs, comfort and durability we step into ever so often. You are Me and I am You!

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