These Drool-Worthy Gems Just Dropped

While we’re patiently waiting (and I do mean patiently) for Summer, our amazing team has designed and handcrafted a few new drool-worthy gems that’ll give you heart-eyes for days! 

We’re celebrating Summer the Matsidiso way, with an #africhic twist, and we’ve got something for every woman! 


For The Socialite/Influencer

The Shoe For You

We know how busy your schedule can get. Between attending events, location-scouting South Africa’s most Instagram-worthy spots and creating content, it can get a little overwhelming to constantly be on the prowl for the next best thing. 
The Patricia Heel In Olive and Springbok is the perfect companion to any event and is a guaranteed head-turner! She’s playful, while strong. Sassy and chic. She effortlessly transitions from a daytime coffee date shoe with your girls to a nighttime event heel with your man. 

What Makes Her Special

On our mission to reduce waste, we’ve used gorgeous Springbok leather from local factory dead stock that would have otherwise been thrown away. In perfect condition, and every pair completely unique, this makes each purchase of the Patricia (named after our darling team member ‘Pathuxolo’) an original and no two pairs are alike.

 For The Do-It-All Mama

The Shoe For You

Let’s get one thing straight. You don’t have to be a mama to have mama duties, you know? Whether you’re raising 3 kids, your hubby, yourself or a fur baby, you’re still doing mama duties and we applaud you, darling! You’re on your feet all day, doing all the things to bring home the bread and you need a shoe comfy enough to wear every day but cute enough to pull off with multiple outfits.
That shoe is the Sifa Diamond Mule. She comes in 3 gorgeous colours, combined with hand-cut diamond shapes made from limited edition, sustainable, locally sourced hides. She’s also so damn comfy you could even wear her to bed!

What Makes Her Special 

What makes the Sifa Mule special is that she’s made entirely from up-cycled materials. We have a strict waste-not-want-not policy where we use every little piece of fabric and material we can, not only did we use off-cuts to create this gem, but she was also completely handstitched. (ask Jinae to explain the process more)

The Conscious Student

I know. You feel like buying shoes is not at the top of your list because you’re in college and you feel like your money should go towards something more substantial like buying books, or beer… 

But what if I told you that you could buy one shoe that would basically last you a lifetime if you love and care for it like you would your laptop or your Instagram feed?

The Shoe For You

The Nia Slider is the perfect companion for any student. She’s cute and chic and is sustainably made for those who give a crap. She can easily transition from a cute sandal you wear around campus, to a chic gem that you wear for a drink with your girls!

Pssst. Did you know that all student s get 15% off any of our shoes? You’re welcome!

What Makes Her Special 

We use up-cycled pieces of wool that would otherwise be thrown away for no good reason. Using the offcuts of products and recycling them into something new means we’re slowly on our way to a more sustainable future!

You know what they say, reduce-reuse-recycle!


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