The Staycation Big 5

For many of us, home is where it's at for the coming months. 

The financial rollercoaster due to COVID-19 and lockdown, has left us sitting tight or on the low down once again! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little (OK, A LOT of) fun!

Here are a few of our most playful, super relaxing and FREE Staycation tips that you can use at any time of the year, and will have you feeling happier and revived!

1. Shut it Down

Turn it off! We know it’s tough to walk away from the very things that keep us on track, but it is important to take (at least) a little break! Set aside some firm ‘chill time’ and forgot about your devices - your body, your family and your mental health will thank you later!



2. Crank it Up!

Nothing says low-productivity like your favourite tunes melody-ing in the background of your day! It feels sooooo good to belt our your favourite tune, and music has a way to pull us out of our heads and into another world. Believe when we say you’ll be singing along and feeling free in no time.



3. Get Creative

When do we get really creative? When we allow ourselves to switch off our auto-pilot mode. Seriously. Pull out the art supplies, grab a canvas or even a few old newspapers and just have some fun creating a vision board, a funky piece of art for the wall (yes, you can be an artist too), a mosaic or anything in between! Even better, invite the girls over for some chit-chat and make a day of it. Either way, your body and mind will benefit from the relaxation. 

Tip: Do not pressure yourself into make a masterpiece. This is supposed to be a fun and playful experience- not another thing to make you feel small. So don't allow yourself any negative talk. :)



 4. Keep it Light

Feeling down? Fitness bunnies aside. No one’s really up for a hard-core workout when the when it's pouring down outside or you can hardly get out of bed from the freezing cold in the morning... Buuut, if you ask science, you'll find that the occasional walk will help you keep your mind rejuvenated with a hit of dopamine and feeling happy once again. If you’ve got somewhere close to go, why not take the legs? Even better, if you can connect with nature and surround yourself with grass or trees, science also proves that nature is healing for our mind, body and soul. A double hit for happiness! 



 5. Grab a Book

Take your mind on a little adventure.  At the risk of sounding like an oldster – reading is good for you! A little escapism, perhaps a light autobiography? Find something that interests you and the rest will be holiday history!

Why not venture down to that little second-hand bookstore you’ve been eyeing out - to find your next title. If that isn't possible, I'm sure that one romantic novel on your shelf you're too shy to read will be a great laugh in this time. *is that only me? Haha. 

6. Take A Taste Tour

Making an amazing meal is ritual and my favourite way to escape the chaos of the week. It's also the best way to travel the world without getting on a plane. The variety of food can take you to your most treasured getaway one bite at a time. Plus, it's a chance to get intimate with your taste buds by trying out new spices and flavours you wouldn't naturally delve into. 

7. Dance It Out

If at any stage you're feeling frustrated by the four walls you live in, blasting your fav tunes and full on moving your body to the beat can cure all negative vibes. Tapping your toes can change your perspective almost immediately. If you feel silly- well, 2020 should have taught you by now there is nothing to lose by getting down with your bad self. You actually have everything to gain- so give zero sh*ts and enjoy your life already! 


8. Book Yourself Into Your Own Day Spa

If you can't get the royal treatment from your most beloved spa, make your dream come to life right at home. At home pedicures and mani's are free- and if you bust out those long lost oils, scrubs, and pretty smelling things that you promised yourself you needed but never use (don't act like you don't know what I mean) - now is THE perfect time to make moves and make use of them. 


9. Dive Deep Into The Land Of Yourself

Life is so damn busy these days that we hardly get to spend time with ourselves. And let's be real, you're pretty awesome. So, why not reflect on this year this far with the ultimate revenge by writing down the many ways you're going to barge into the next half of 2021 kicking all sorts of ass. But before you do that, get real with yourself on what is important in YOUR life. Does the job your have bring you happiness? Are you any closer to your ambitious goals? Do you even LIKE those goals (or are they a tad unrealistic and making you feel burnt out before you tried to reach them)? Are the people you hang out with still serving you? Do you love being with you when no one else is around? ... Often these are easy questions to avoid because we've read them before on all the self-talk blogs. BUT have you actually taken pen to paper and thought about it? You might be super surprised (and newly inspired by) what you dig out of the cravats of your own heart. 


10. LAUGH 

Do whatever it takes to find that deep belly laughter that comes from the most authentic space within. Laughter is the best therapy when you can't see your therapist face to face. ;)

Whatever you end up doing or better yet, not doing - this year, we hope that you do it safely! It has been a difficult one for us all, which is even more reason for us to take it suuuuper easy and come back refreshed - and ready for anything!


Sending love, light and good vibes,

-Sam & The Matsidso Team

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