The Hardest Goodbye

But It Doesn’t Have To Be!
Separation anxiety is real ladies, and I am pretty sure I have a mild case of it, as I sit stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey while reminiscing about those crisp sunshine filled days.
Don’t get me wrong, Winter is fabulous because it showers us with rain, it allows us to overindulge in those steaming mugs of chocolaty goodness paired with a good book, situated in front of the fireplace till you are forced to move from that position.
But alas, there ain't no rest for the wicked and money doesn’t grow on trees. (Except Avos).
So we pick ourselves up and try and function without losing toes to frostbite or being the cause of an accident because you cannot reach the steering wheel as you now have pork bangers for arms, all thanks to the too many layers you stuffed them into.
So, here are three helpful tips to ensure you survive this winter:
Thermal goods are amazeballs and super thin, and so toasty. Yay to
less layers and raising your arms effortlessly.
Get a job that allows you to work from home:
Why hello pj’s all day, er’day!
Being productive and comfy at the same time? Can I get a whoop whoop!
Pair your favourite Mary-Janes with socks or your Pula Slider with chunky stockings and rock it, because why the heck not?
Wrap a scarf around your head, because sometimes a beanie just doesn’t cut it.
Wear your best and most cosy coat. No one will ever know that you still have your pj’s on underneath. Or do you?
Anything goes these days, so take full advantage of it!
I challenge you to put our tips to good use and create your own winter trends.
Shop your summer favs here, and simply winter-proof them.
So, here’s to us ladies – for embracing winter, our way ;)

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