The Balancing Act

More Vitamin S & B…

Less Vitamin C!
I am pretty sure Winter is made up of way too much Vitamin C, paired with a splash of citrus and a handful of tissues, because unlike you, your nose has a new found love for running.
Bless you and your marathon running nose this Winter.
So, like anything in life, It’s really all about finding that perfect balance ladies…
Because too much of a good thing, is great.
Daily Vitamin Intake Guide:
  1. More Vitamin S
No the S is not for sugar, but rather for the satisfactory equivalent, Shoes.
Let’s face it, there ain’t no better cure to anything really, than a brand new pair of gems.
  1. More Vitamin C1, C2 & C3
C1 –  Clutch Bags. The perfect size to store those tissues. Also, if you are a good packer, like me, you could definitely use it as an overnight bag. Bonus.
C2 –  Coffee
Bottomless, is our recommended daily intake. Which is very irresponsible and necessary and most times not nearly enough, so please feel free to add Vitamin C3.
C3 – Cocktail
Use when Vitamin C1 & C2 are no longer effective.
  1. More Vitamin M
Market Totes – for all those things we defiantly do not need but insist on carting around. Also, if it were up to me, all bags would be named Bermuda. Just saying.
There you have it ladies -  and please feel free to adjust the recommend daily intake to suit your needs.
Keep taking those vitamins. Your (mental) health depends on it.
All our Love.

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