The Art of Balance - Keep Moving

Things get hectic… we attempt juggling too many balls in the air, shortly followed by a shambles trying to pick it all up from the floor, only to begin again. We strive to achieve goals, pushing forward, dodging curve balls and overcoming obstacles!

This is life; a series of indisputable highs and lows. The ebbs and flows; from managing everything well to everything collapsing at once. We tend to be in a constant sequence of building and breaking, adapting and readjusting.

Transition phases are the hardest; the space between what once was and what is yet to become. The significant distance between what is and what will be; is often deluded with fear and anguish. The uncertainty can be paralysing to the point of no action.  Sometimes, we just feel stuck.

Time and again we find ourselves in this space - perhaps it is the fear of change or perhaps the resistance of it… However, it is undeniable; growth can only take place on the other side of change and outside of our comfort zones. In order to achieve our goals and turn our dreams into reality we have to be persistent - bending not breaking under the influence of change.

For growth to take place we have to keep moving, slowly taking one stride at a time. The first the step is the hardest. Often, we have to take that “first” step numerous times.

Life is about balance, the art to balancing is to keep moving even if your steps are small and shaky. Keep moving!

With time, each step you take becomes stronger, more confident and before you realise it you have propelled yourself forward into a brand new phase. Voila, change has taken place!

Keep moving, keep striving!


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