Our 2020 Vision + These New Drool-Worthy Summer Shoes Just Dropped

 Welcome back darlings! We missed you! *In the least creepy way possible, we swear* I hope that your festive season overflowed with love, happiness, new memories and tons of cocktails! I hope that these last few weeks have given you the peace and happiness that you deserve. I hope that you were able to switch off for a minute, take in your surroundings and feel the sand between your toes. 

Whether you're still sipping cocktails or wish you were, here's all the things you missed while you were on vacay mode.


While You Were Gone 

While you were gone I had one of those rare moments and did something that almost no bad-ass, working woman has the time do, I sat down and reflected on the past year. I guess you could say I took a little inward journey and asked the questions that are not always easy to ask or answer. This is something that I think every woman should do before jumping into the madness that 2020 will definitely bring. 
As a business, we are moving from strength to strength, always pushing ourselves to be better. Our amazing team is constantly learning and growing, finding new ways to improve our products. And we have! In case you missed it, half sizes are now considered custom orders. I don't wanna' say we've perfected our sizing guide, but we're pretty damn close. Feel free to dive into the world of all things custom here.


Say Yes To The *Ethical* Dress

We've also been sitting on a juicy secret which honestly, I'm surprised I could keep but here it comes... We are officially launching our Summer clothing range this season! Yay! This is something we've waited so long to share and we cannot wait to officially launch our very own range of fresh, African-chic dresses. Inspired by the whimsical and made for the bold, which will obviously become part of your 2020 capsule wardrobe. (Duh).


It is our 2020 mission to become more sustainable as a brand and to be even more ethically conscious along the way. If you'd like to join us on this walk then I'd suggest you read our 'How To Be An Ethical Shopper In 2020' guide here. It's the perfect starting point for anyone who would like to become a more ethical shopper but has no frikken idea where to start.


These Gems Just Launched

 And finally, the moment everyone and their aunty was waiting for, the launch of our gems!

1. The Dineo Bootie In Multi Splash Cowhide & Diesel Toffee

 This is is our very own take and an African-chic cowboy bootie! The perfect accessory for those days when you wanna' let your shoes do the talking. 

2. Tau Bow Slider In White Zebra

 A new pair of gems have joined the Tau Bow fam. The Tau Bow Slider in White Zebra is our most chic shade yet!


3. Patricia Block Heel In Nguni Silver & Ballet Pink


Live your pink fantasy in our dreamy new Patricia Block Heel In Nguni Silver and Ballet pink.


On our journey to becoming a more sustainable brand, we will be starting to create smaller batches of our newly released gems so that we use every piece of material and nothing goes to waste. This means that there will be limited quantities available so hurry those buns and get 'em while they're hot darling!

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