One For The Boys: Up Your Shoe Game With These Summer-Ready Neutrals

Gentlemen, this one’s for you!

(Or for the woman who is desperately trying to help her 'James Bond' find his swagger again).

While you were on vacay-mode with a beer in the one hand and braai tongs in the other, our amazing team has been doing the most to improve the quality of our shoes in order to give you the absolute best Matsidiso experience possible, AND  we started with men’s footwear… 

Nothing is better (and more dramatic) than doing a good ol’ comparison to show you just how far we’ve come! Please enjoy this shot of the first version of the Men’s Khule we ever made, verses the Men’s Khule now!


 I mean... Just look at how far we've come with the Men's Khule Oxford ??? Total glow-up goals! The transformation is REAL- and men, we can do this for you too... But first- check out the new changes!


*Dim the lights, que the music

These Are the Improvements We’ve Made


-Sleeker, more modern design
-Stacked vegetable-tanned leather soles
-Extra durable resin soles and grip heel cap
-Softer insoles made with high-density memory foam


We’re consciously working to show our men’s footwear more love this year but we had to really sit and think. Think about the age-old question that many women ask themselves every day and that is what men want. Apparently guys really like neutral shoes that they can wear with absolutely everything and not having to worry about buying another pair for the next 5 years! So that's what we went on to craft up just for you. We’ve added a few (brilliant) new looks that are super manly, durable and with just a hint of ruggedness but overall, very Matsidiso!

  On that note, we’ve added a few new looks that are super manly and durable with just a hint of ruggedness but overall, very Matsidiso! feast your eyes on these absolute Summer staples for men! 


The Khule Oxford in Diesel Toffee is not only the perfect go-to shoe for any wedding or formal event, the office, or meeting your future father-in-law for the first time but the style and neutral shade pairs well with absolutely anything! Don't be afraid to experiment with colour and patterned socks (envious co-workers anyone?)...



The Jola Chukka Boot in Diesel Toffee is the perfect day-to-day companion. The Jola is perfect for men who are looking for a more rugged look and who don't take themselves too seriously, hence the name which means 'life of the party'.  If the colour alone doesn't seal the deal then our new and improved vegetable-tanned leather soles with rubber grips definitely will! This way your shoes last EVEN LONGER. Yay!

The Khule Oxford in Espresso just screams sophistication and class! He's our best seller for a reason and boasts without the ego. Simple design, easy elegance- and is the surest way to get the first wink from a pretty lady at your next cocktail party. Easily transition your days to evening wears with the slip of a shoe.



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