Move In Passion

There comes a time; when the energy pulsing through your veins becomes hard to ignore. The little voice inside of you screams  “The times is now, Jump!”

That’s the moment you abandon all your fears and you move, you jump, you run and you don’t look back. This moment of passion catapults you into a new dimension; this is your breakthrough; your moment of fearlessness

Sounds sublime doesn’t it; especially when you’re far from a breakthrough and closer to a breakdown?

We’ve all been there when there. Whilst going through the ebbs and flows of life, suckered punched and hard hit by unexpected and sudden curve-balls. We’ve silently trembled, brought to our knees, tears streaming down our faces.  Amazingly, even after the hardest hits we still rise! Each and every time, we still rise.  We go further, push harder and bounce back stronger.

A remarkable story is of a lady, who we’ll call Zola. Zola shone like a galaxy of stars. When Zola walked into the room; you couldn’t mistake her dazzle. There was something about Zola; the way she walked was like she was gliding through the Milky Way. She was as timid as a mouse but her spirit was fierce.

One day she ran into her fate; she met a charming gentleman, her prince.  They had spent hours talking and naturally, the allure of Zola's spirit was like a spell. He was hooked. It was the way her full lips formed words beautifully and elegantly; captivating him with every syllable. The way her hips swayed in time with a tune only she could hear. She possessed a seductive power that only a woman has.

He wanted to own her; claim this gem as his own and took her that night against her will, and for years after that. He claimed her until satisfied and discarded of her when the next shiny new thing arrived.

A series of unfortunate events unfolded and Zola lost her sparkle.  Her fearless feisty spirit had diminished, until one day she felt like a fraction of her former self. This was the saddest of it all; it was as if the stars within her, that once shone brightly, had lost all the light.

Her story wasn’t over. She refused to live life in a dank submission afraid of the monsters that lurked around the corners. She rose up one day and reclaimed her power back.  With the help of those near and dear to her; she began to move. She moved so fluidly and ferociously, much like the ocean pulled and glistening under a full glowing moon. She moved so passionately that she could make the earth tremble under her feet.

Zola dug deep within herself to find her power and once she tapped into her inner strength she moved passionately.  It no longer looked like she was walking but rather as if she was escorted by a blazing chariot.  Zola emerged a goddess in her own right…


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