More Than Shoes: Handcrafted Is Better

October 08, 2018 1 Comment

Shoe lovers don't buy simply any shoe they find in retails stores. Rather, they look for those one of a kind designer shoes—those shoes that will most definitely separate them from the ordinary. Have you been looking for great shoes lately? Have you found THE pair that excites your soul?

We are fully aware of what a struggle it is to purchase gems (anything really) online, not to mention the stress levels, as you wait in anticipation for your footwear to arrive. Will they arrive?

We know that this is true because some of the most popular online shoe stores have received many complaints from their buyers—we have read these reviews and done thorough research in order to deal with these issues head first, to ensure happy shoe shoppers, with happy feet.

Whether or not you are satisfied with your last online purchase, we would like to put an end to the struggle that most of you shoe lovers face on the daily. When Spending your hard-earned money on footwear, you expect the very best and then some.

 Our aim is to help you find the perfect shoe for your beautiful feet, so that, the next time you hop online to shop for footwear, you know exactly which store will meet your very need.

By now, you must be wondering, “What are these highly recommended designer shoes?”. Since you are a shoe lover yourself, you probably know exactly what it feels like to slip your feet into a well-made and good quality shoe? No human ever wants their footwear to pull apart after only a couple wears or to be so uncomfortable and tight that your feet are riddled with plasters.

We are here to free you from the squeeze of uncomfortable footwear and introduce you to comfort and care – all in one place.

African handmade shoes are carefully crafted by experienced artisans that know exactly what your feet need to feel comfortable. Aside from the comfort aspect, these artisans focus on creating footwear of such high quality, that they are guaranteed to last you close to a lifetime.

These unique-looking African handmade shoes are a must-have for every shoe lover. This is why African handmade shoes are arguably the best footwear for any lover of shoes, especially those wanting to express themselves and their pride through the footwear that they choose to wear daily.

 Unlike machine-made shoes, the designer shoes are handmade. Each piece of leather gets cut by hand and each element thereafter is put together, by hand, especially for your beautiful feet. This ensures optimal comfort, longevity and an incredible story to tell every time you slip into your favorite pair of African Handmade Gems!

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October 14, 2018

I love the look of your shoes but I still am not confident to order on line as my feet differ and it is a lot of money to spend on something and then have to go the route of returns etc. Please open a happy feet shop!

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