Let’s Talk: Mankle Etiquette

When it comes to men’s footwear fashion – the game can be a little tricky. How many folds…? Trouser type…? Socks to be seen or unseen? I mean… it’s a low-lying jungle out there! (just kidding – its not so bad).
But to help you navigate your way around summer style - we’ve crafted these three quick mankle-bearing tips.
For those days when you’re feeling for a fashion-win!
We hope you love them… (we know your ankles will)!

Our Top 3 Skin-Bearing Tips for Spring / Summer

 1. Consider the Occasion
Distinctly Formal or Classically Casual?
Keep the dress-code in mind to avoid any unfavorable gazes.
A few mankle-bearing safe zones could be:
a) summer weddings
b) stylish lunches or
c) casual work-events
2. The Perfect Trouser-Length
It’s all in the hem. Generally speaking - hems that cut off on or just above the ankle – are the recipe for success. But hey, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a little – do what works for you!
3. Find the Right Fit
Ankle-bearing style is mostly about saddling-up with the right set of pants. Much like whisky, wine or your favourite gin - hit the right notes, pair with the right flavours and you have a combo that won’t let you down!
When it comes to chilled-out chino’s, fitted suits or even light-weight linen longs – bearing those ankles is a sure shot for Summer. Wider hems may need some extra tucking and folding, whereas light-weight fabrics may require some tailoring to stay in place. Either way a well-fitted pair of trousers is sure to bring the whole look together.
Oh and just one last tip… (and it’s a biggie) – don’t forget to secret-sock it!
No one needs that kind of drama in their lives...
Here are a few of our fave ankle-approved styles
Play it Prim
Our Khule Oxford is no stranger to events. Pair with light-weight linen or suit trousers and dare to be dapper.
Do it in Denim
Our Jola Chukka Boot keeps things stylish and in-check. Pair with jeans and a classic tee for a ‘ready for anything’ vibe.
Slip Out in Style
The Ingwe Slip-On defiantly speaks to the outspoken.
Audaciously stylish - when it comes to curating your ensemble, this pair is made for rule-breaking.
If it’s a fashionable summer you’re after - dare to step out in style: who knows you just might discover your new mankle-mastering self!
Written by Samantha Chrysanthou of Threads Media

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