Inspiration For Thought

Inspiration is a word I savour. To me, inspiration roots from all facets of our everyday lives, if we choose to notice it.

It is the small things in life that carry the most weight and almost everything has an element of beauty, but not everyone is able to see it. That is what leads us to be inspired by such different components daily.

Shoes and garments inspire me continually. I can even go as far as saying that they course through my veins and excite me, just the thought of it. It is a form of art, through which people are given the opportunity to express themselves, their personality, their soul. A sense of freedom can be derived from wearing what excites your soul, what describes you and makes you feel authentic, allowing you to discern complete satisfaction.

This is what I wish for all of you wonderful humans and I challenge you to give it a try. Just outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

We are all born a blank canvas and then set out to find what sets our soul alight. As we journey through life we add colour, textures and patterns to our canvas that depict us completely. The uphills and the moments that take our breath away all unite to form a self-portrait.

Getting dressed in the morning could serve the same purpose. It tells a story and holds so many secrets and moments of pure joy and beauty and allows you the freedom to express.

Freely and without judgement – let go and set your inner muse free.

She will thank you later.


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