How To: Care for Your Occasional Bags

Your Handbag Deserves TLC, too!

 Less is (slowly but surely), becoming the new MORE, MORE, MORE!
And while the phasing out of a fast-fashion wardrobe - may take some time. We can start by caring for the sustainable pieces we currently own.
Be that as it may, we often seem to neglect these precious, (always by our side) companions, don’t we?

Oops… I’m just as guilty as you are!

So What To Do?

Regardless of whether if it’s a designer investment or a more affordable leather alternative. Just like your favourite t-shirt that gets a good soak every now and then, or your beloved shoe… that you religiously wipe clean after each trip - your handbag deserves some TLC too!

A little TLC truly goes a long way

At Matsidiso, we are all about that tender-loving. We value product longevity, that’s why we’ve gathered a few tips, tricks and dos to prolong the life of your precious arm candy (or bags, as most call them).

Ahead, you’ll find a few fundamentals of Bag Care!


How To Care For Your Occasional Bags





How To Care For Your Occasional Bags


1.     Don’t Hang It Up

You might have the urge to hang your bag over a doorknob (don’t do it!). Ideally, your bag should always be stored away in a closet in an upright position.

2.     Keep It Out Of Light

Direct sunlight can be very damaging to your bag and cause unwanted discoloration (a definite no-no!).  So, while on your lunch date (soaking up some well-deserved vitamin D), be sure to tuck away that precious investment.

3.     Store Your Bag In A Dust Bag

Protect your bag by storing it in a dust bag (it came with it for a reason!). The dust bag will keep your bag protected from direct sunlight and any other harmful elements in your closet.


4 Maintain The Shape

To keep your handbag in shape, we suggest you keep it stuffed when not in use. You can stuff it with anything really… old t-shirts, newspaper or a towel – the choice is yours!

4.     Clean Your Bag After Use

Wipe your bag with a soft cloth after every use. You should occasionally spray with a stain repellent, which will keep your bag shiny for years to come! Alternatively, you can opt for some alcohol-free wipes.

5.     Leather Care

Leather bags should be protected regularly to ensure a protective barrier coats the surface. When choosing a leather protector for your bag, be weary of cheaper solvent protectors that contain the ingredient silicone (silicone will dry out the leather fibers!). Begin with a great water-based leather protector - your big investment deserves the best care, after all.

6.     Feather Care

You can re-fluff your statement piece by gently rubbing the feathers between your hands to make the individual strands fluffier. We don’t recommend washing your feathers, unless it’s absolutely necessary! Feather dye is not colorfast, so make sure that the water is lukewarm (and only wash feathers of the same colours together!). Use a light detergent and handle the feathers as gently as you can. After rinsing out the soap, let the feathers air dry (or use a blow dryer on low heat to dry them).


Oh and just one last thing… now that you’re clued up on caring for your handbags, don’t forget to invest in great product care (we just so happen to have amazing product care available on our online store!).


Sending love, light and good vibes,

-Kim Nicolle & The Matsidiso Team


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