How To Buy The Best Type Of Shoes For Your Feet

It’s time to talk about every woman's favourite topic, shopping for shoes. 

Exciting stuff, right? Now tell me if you’ve ever done this before. You’re at your favourite store, you’ve decided to treat yourself after an exhaustingly long week of work. You head over to the shoe section and lay your eyes on this seasons prettiest footwear. A beautiful, drool-worthy pair of shoes catches your eye and you think “I have to have it.” You can tell from the get-go that it’s not the comfiest pair of shoes, but the colour and style convince you to buy it anyway. And then you end up like me, a sad twenty-something-year-old with a crazy amount of blisters and three closets full of shoes that she’s only worn once or twice. And do you know why? 

Because you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes!

The bottom line is that everyone has some or other hang-up about their feet. Some people have wide feet, some have narrow feet and some have teeny tiny feet.

You may not like the type of feet you were born with, but you just gotta deal with it, ya know? Instead of constantly being in an uncomfortable state, unable to go an hour without needing to rest your puppies, take the time to understand the type of feet you have and then buy shoes accordingly, because you’re actually doing more harm than good by wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Foot Type: Wide foot

A lot of women are born with wide feet. An easy way to tell if you have a wide foot is if the arch under your foot disappears when you stand. Bunions and blisters are symptoms of those with wide feet. If you’re not sure if you have wide feet, you can easily measure your feet at home with a piece of paper, a pencil and a tape measure. You can also determine your foot type with this sizing chart.

Best Shoes For Wide Feet.

Any shoe with a round shape should be your go-to style. Open shoes such as mules and sandals are perfect for wide feet! These styles won’t constrict your feet and allow room to breathe.

Foot Type: Narrow Foot

A common problem for those with narrow feet is your shoes always feel a little roomy, even though the size if technically correct. This is one symptom of having narrow feet. This is a problem that I personally struggle with as I have so many sandals and heels that don't fit as snug as they should because they keep shifting or falling off and I feel like my toes need to cling to the soles for dear life! 

Best Shoes for Narrow Feet

Basically, anything with adjustable straps is your best bet! Sneakers and oxfords are one of the comfiest styles for your foot type. It’s important to invest in shoes that support your arch if not, it can put strain on your feet and can also lead to more serious injuries.

Foot Type: High Arched-foot

An easy way to tell if you have high arches is by creating a footprint in the sand. If you can barely see a footprint, then you most likely have high arches. This means your foot curves a lot more than someone with a flat foot. Having high-arched feet also means you’re prone to calluses on the balls of your feet. Another symptom of high-arched feet is hammertoes, which is just a weird way of saying you have bent toes. 

Best Shoes for High-Arched Feet

Loafers are perfect for those with high arches. Not only are they super comfy, but they support your ankles as well. Sneakers and ankle boots are also great options for ladies with high arches.

Foot Type: Flat Foot

Having a flat foot is actually pretty common and are mostly referred to as having collapsed arches. It’s really important to choose the proper shoes for flat feet as it can lead to serious injuries and can also cause an imbalance in other parts of your body. 

The Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Flats, slip on’s and kitten heels are the perfect styles for flat feet as they are ridiculously comfy and provide tons of support.

Now that you know a little more about what type of foot you have and which shoes provide the best comfort for your foot type, go forth and shop!

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