From The Sun Met, With Love

Ahhh the Sun Met... A glorious cultural and proudly South African event where individuals from all walks of life can come together and can truly express themselves through fashion. A place where the last thing on your mind is to blend in. 

This year, we decided that we just simply had to be apart of the annual gala that that's been hanging on everyone who's everyone's lips! I mean, the theme literally was 'African Visionary'. If that doesn't scream Matsidiso then I don't know what does! So, at the 11th hour, we decided that we're going AND we're going to have the best damn time too! But before we go any further - Here is the inspiration for our outfits for the day!


The only thing we love MORE than two ultra-chic, fun-loving, witty women? Is two gal-pals who have ALL these traits PLUS a keen sense of humour! I think we hit the nail of the head, don't you think?  We showed up, dripping in fabulousness, serving African-chic realness in our own, unique way as the (less dorky but equally hilarious) parody Lloyd and Harry from the comedy that we all love (even though we might not say it out loud) 'Dumb and Dumber'!

Here are some of the looks we saw that day, including a few faves!



 While we were living our best lives, rubbing shoulders with local celebs, surrounded by such rich, pan-African culture and majestic, larger than life horses, we were spotted by the Top Billing camera crew who took a liking to our bold, bright outfits and drew special attention to our shoes so keep an eye out for your Matsidiso girls cos we might be on TV!

All in all the experience of attending the Sun Met was unlike any experience we've had before! Our day was filled with laughs, sunshine, good food and music, tons of lipgloss and the thought that although we all have different journeys and individual ideas when we come together under one roof and one sun we are reminded that this is us, our time, our culture and our home.

P.S Our bags received so much attention this weekend (which they deserved, because, duh!) that they literally flew off the shelves and are now sold out! We'll be taking pre-orders from today onwards for those who missed out!

 With love - Andrea from Matsidiso



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