Find Your Own Flavour

Today I found myself beyond inspired by the word 'flavour'. You are probably wondering how the word 'flavour' could possibly inspire any human. Honestly, I am currently still figuring this all out, so bear with me here folks.


Flavour refers to a distinctive taste of food or drink; however, the definition which caught my attention most was this: " An indication of the essential character of something".

As we develop and go through the multifarious phases of life, we experiment. This usually includes trying a variety of cuisines which introduce us to new bursts of flavour; leaving our taste buds humming with culinary activity on the tongue. This also depicts a large portion of any human life, specifically before we fall into the realm of 'adulting'.

During this time, we experiment with many things. These things provide us with an idea of what we think we may like or dislike; what feeds the soul or what drains it. It brings to the surface all those emotions embedded within, like the kind of human we aspire to be. It leaves us with a better sense of who we think we are and who would like to be in the future.
This is life's journey; a journey of trying to find our own flavour.

I am a very observant human and I will quite happily sit and observe other humans for hours on end. Although, nowadays this process of observation has become rather mundane. It is like watching a flock of sheep, mindlessly following one another, in fear of being isolated from the herd for appearing different. This is ironic, as this is precisely what life is about. It is about finding your own path, developing your own sense of taste, and unlocking your own flavour.

A human's true character is a clear indication of what flavours. If you allow the bitterness of the past to define you, that is what you will become.

The great thing about all of this is that we are left with the power of choice. It is important to notice the bad flavours in life, but it is more important to ensure that it does not consume you and that we do not allow it to become our dominant flavour.

When I sit and make a list of all the good flavours in my life, they usually trump the bad. However, if they do not, I immediately get working to fill my life with more things and more humans who have the ability to create yummy tasting flavours in my life.

It is a challenging and daunting thing, going out into this crazy and intimidating world where we are constantly reminded of our imperfections.
But please know this - Your beautifully curved body with your "too much personality", your over-friendly smile, the weird faces you pull, the madness that is your mind, your absurd and adventurous taste in shoes and clothing, or your love for all things bright and floral, that is YOUR flavour!

Your flavour will not appeal to everyone. Instead, it will appeal to the one (s) who share in your madness, who are able to understand your quiet insecurities and the one (s) who get and appreciate your bizarre style and random outbursts.
Find your own flavour before searching for flavours which compliment your own. If you are not sure what your flavour is, how could you possibly expect anyone to appreciate and understand you fully if you do not even appreciate and understand yourself?

Your true flavour is within. It isn't out in the world. So dig deep into your OWN world, and at the very core, will lie your beautifully unique flavour!

We want to encourage you to be bold, dress to express and do so confidently. That is why we take pride in carefully curating each pair of shoes that will allow any kind of human to express their true self, freely.

Here at Matsidiso, we create shoes for the LIBERATED.


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