Feeling Your Feels

Unfortunately, there are zero textbooks on ‘How To Do Life’. And let’s be honest, even if there were, most of us wouldn’t read it anyway, because we’ve got this and we’re strong independent women, right?

{And enter the party poopers} -  even strong independent women have bad days and months, and by no means does this make you any less of a strong and independent woman. In fact, it makes you that much stronger.

So here’s the deal ladies, admitting when we aren’t feeling ‘high on life’ is so darn tough.

But Guess what? The mere fact that you feel these emotions and that you are at a point where you are brave enough to admit it and actually ALLOW yourself to just feel, means you are creating a beautiful opportunity within yourself and life to make a shift. An opportunity for personal growth. How exciting, and what a beautiful space to be in?

Quite frankly, I have tried every ‘Big Girl Undie’ on the market and the only pair that truly work are the homemade kind. Kinda like a pair of big girl undies for the soul, ya feel?

*No Matsidiso is not launching an Underwear Line.

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you for feeling ‘bleh’. Take a day to spend some quality time with you, to try and uncover the root of the ‘bleh’. Feel it, journal about it, cry about it, but most importantly learn and GROW from it.

Often times, the thing that pulls us right outta' that ‘bleh’ space is simply getting up with intent. Getting dressed into your favourite outfit and sliding into your Pula Sliders – Ready to grab those feels by the ball(s)boy and go on to write your very own textbook on ‘How to do Life According to *Insert Your Name Here*.”

P.S please don’t forget about us when your book becomes the No.1 Bestseller.

We love you, and all of your feels!


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  • Bayanda Malgas

    Dear Matshidiso, I just want to congratulate you on this endeavor to come up with such a brilliant concept of handmade shoes. I would really love to meet you because I would like to embark on this business venture.

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