Bananas About Shoes

To be honest, bananas are not my fruit of choice, but it is the fruit that best expresses the way I feel about Shoes. My favourite fruit is, in fact, a mango but mangoes about shoes do not sound quite as appealing nor as effective. Or... does it?

Bananas it is then!

To say I am bananas about shoes is putting it lightly. Handcrafted shoes awaken the passion within, and leaves me longing for more. I probably have a minor addiction.

Fruit is a necessity and our bodies need the nutrients and vitamins that it contains in order to remain healthy. Just like our bodies need fruit on a regular basis, I need my monthly dose of them shoes (Because ain't nobody got money for shoes on the daily, ya know.)  

The reason being: it feeds my soul and makes my days feel complete, productive and meaningful. This feeling comes from doing what you love most.

We all have that one thing we are absolutely 'bananas' about. That one thing that awakens a sparkle in your eye and imprints a spring in your step. My advice to you is, pursue that thing for as long as it makes your insides happy and for as long as it makes your soul smile.

The beauty of life is that we are in control of our own dreams and destiny. However, a dream is merely a dream until we take action by realising that dream. Don't ever be afraid or ashamed to go absolutely bananas about that which awakens your inner passion.

It will not happen instantly! It will take hard work, dedication, tears and countless swear words. WILL happen!

Reminder: Bananas don't grow in a day.

A head full of fear has no space for dreams!

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