All The Ways We Love Africa: In Celebration of Africa Day

When you think about Africa what comes to mind? For us , it’s a feeling of warmth, culture and belonging that strike us most.
Today, May 25th  is Africa Day – an annual commemoration that celebrates African unity and independence.
So we’re celebrating by sharing with you - a few of the reasons why we love this magnificent place that we call home.

4 Profound Reasons to Love Africa

Under the breathtaking African sky we found our passion – to create something valuable, meaningful and intentional. Matsidiso was born in Africa – here you’ll find the very roots of our existence. Inspired by the beautiful diversity of pan-African cultures, our products are designed to divulge a rich history of Africa.

‘MAT.SI.DI.SO | Sotho name meaning blessings/comfort after difficulty’


1. Africa Has The Best Names 

When it comes to names we’d all have to admit that Africa has the best names! – Okay maybe we’re a little bias, but we guess that comes with the territory. African names have such incredibly rich cultural meaning. They are names that tell stories of a family and they are names that can describe beauty in ways you didn’t know were possible!

Some of our favourite African Shoe Names…




 Ben.ya is a South African name meaning ‘to be bright, and to shine’.



Dineo Bootie

Di.neo is of Lesotho origin meaning ‘Gift from God, or Gifts.’





A.kee.lah is a name of Zambian origin meaning ‘Intelligent and beautiful.’


Find more beautiful African-inspired shoes (and their incredible names) here (hyperlink ‘here’)


2. The African Sky is Second to None

 Source: Conny-Müller, Beautiful Morning (

We’re sure you’ll agree that nothing comes close to the spectacular sunsets and sunrises in Africa. To witness the sky become a beautiful mixture of red yellow and orange, is truly an experience like no other. An experience that stays with you for a lifetime! If you haven’t yet visited an African Sky, here are a few picturesque images from Dana Allen that capture the landscape beautifully.


3. African Wildlife is Bewildering

Source –, Giraffes in Kruger National Park

Africa is home to a bewildering variety of wild animals. Better known to the world for the ‘THE BIG FIVE’ -  (the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino), it’s the thousands of eco-complimentary species (like the dung beetle, meerkat and giraffe) that bring this magical place full circle.


4. Culturally Diverse and Celebrated

 Source - Alia Malik, Botswanna and the Khoisan


With such incredible genetic diversity, Africa is culturally rich and is known for its ‘rainbow nation’ of resonant humanities and traditions. There is no continent more blessed with a diverse group of people as the Motherland. The Khoikhoi and San people are among some of the oldest inhabitants of the African plains and lived entirely off the land. Today, it is said that over the 54 African counties

there lie over 3000 cultural diversities! Which is perhaps best reflected in the South African constitution where there are 11 official languages recognized by law (, 2018).

With so much to feel connected to and inspired by, it is no wonder that Africa is a vibrant and cultural diverse Motherland to so many.

We hope you have a wonderful Africa Day and take a moment to reflect and to explore this wonderful place. 


Sending Love and Light from Under the African Sky

The Matsidiso Family



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