All the Ways Humans Can Give Back

We’re sure we can all agree that the human spirit remains one of the most resilient things in life. We see it time and again in the books of history and even stories closer to home. Stories of people overcoming tough circumstances through the compassion and good deeds of other humans. While some of us may long to solve all of the worlds problems (empaths, we see you). It isn’t for a select few to do everything, or for us all to do big things but rather - that each of us do the one thing our hearts are moved towards.

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Can’t pin point what that is yet? That’s okay. In the spirit of compassion and our annual celebration of Madiba Day on the 18 July, we’ve shared a list of 6 simple but, impactful ways we can all give back to humanity and the environment.


To the Environment

 1. Plastic Free July

For the month of July (and beyond), we’re taking up the challenge to largely reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives. For an easy start try applying the concept to one area of your life. A few examples include: using reusable grocery bags, opting for shampoo and conditioner bars rather than plastic bottles or to shop plastic free groceries at places like Nude Foods.


Find out more about how you can start your plastic-free July… August, September….(well, you get the picture) here

2. Start Composting

Giving back to the earth, is probably one of the easiest ways to do our part for the environment. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have green fingers or a degree in horticulture to get it done! Composting your fruit, veg and de-composable food scraps enriches your soil for gardening which can serve as a therapeutic hobby and a great sense of home-grown nutrients (much needed during these trying times).


Here's more about how you can start your composting journey!

To Humanity

3. Shop Local

Small and medium enterprises employ about 47% of South Africa’s workforce ( When we intentionally choose to shop from local businesses, it positively impacts the lives of the people they employ and contributes to building our local economy. And did you know that every time you shop from a local business an actual person does a little happy dance? Let’s keep them dancing and keep making it lekker to shop local.


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 4. An Extra Dose of Kindness Goes a Long Way

Kindness extends beyond our actions. It is made up of our thoughts, perceptions and most importantly our words. No one has been left untouched by either COVID-19 itself or by the consequences of the pandemic. A simple way to give back in kindness is being conscious of the words we speak. It is not only free but, is like medicine to the soul.


5. Give of your time (virtually)

The traditional image of volunteering is someone who is hands on and involved in a community or NGO project. While this aspect of volunteering will always be there, due to the pandemic, many more opportunities have had to be made accessible through virtual volunteering. Forgood is a local virtual volunteering platform connecting people to causes, making it possible for you to give back from the safety of your own home.



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To find out more about how you can give back in a big virtual way check out the Forgood web page here.


6. Empowered to Empower

Most of us aren’t next line to be the next CEO or President but, we do all carry some measure of influence within our sphere of society. In one way or another, through access to education or simply being surrounded by great minds to glean wisdom from, we have been equipped with knowledge and skills. And a great way in which we can give back, is by freely sharing this knowledge with those who wish for it. To share wisdom and encourage learning through mentor-ship and collaboration. Who knows you might just inspire or empower someone, and how great would that be!?
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Whether you’re planning to do good for the month of July or looking to do something more long-term, what is most important is to do what you can with what you have and do it with a heart of compassion.


Sending Love, Light and an extra dose of Kindness

The Matsidiso Family




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