Afri-Chic Shoe Trends You Need To Try This Summer

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Didn’t you guys JUST send a Spring mailer like 2 minutes ago?’ And the answer is yes, we did. Life moves fast honey, just remember to take an iced-coffee break between all the madness and know that when it comes to trendy new footwear inspo, we’ve got you covered, girl!

We’re serving you fresh summer looks, straight from the runway to your feet!

How Bow That?

Ahhh the bow. A classic summer trend, the epitome of chicness. A design that always screams CUTE! The Spring/Summer collection at NYFW has incorporated a bow for every occasion. This Summer we’re celebrating bows in every style, size and colour. From little dainty bows to oversized bows! Matsidiso has the cutest #africhic bows for everyone’s toes! 

Print On Demand


The ever-chic animal print trend seems to be here to stay! There’s so many fierce styles to choose from, everything from neutral prints to neon-coloured skins! Matsidiso celebrates animal prints in all shapes and forms by sourcing the highest quality, sustainable animal hides right here in Cape Town, South Africa.


 If you’ve got jungle fever and you’re on the prowl for something wild, get your hands on our limited edition, ethically wild animal print collection!



Put A Sock On It

Wearing socks with your fave heels and sandals is possibly the most fun footwear trend of the season! Don’t be afraid yo mix patterns and prints. 


This trend is no longer associated with the times when you need to run to the 7/11 but can’t find anything to wear so you run out in your socks and mismatched sandals. It’s now totally acceptable to walk out into the streets with your sandals and your glittery socks!


This Summer is not only about experimenting with different styles and colours, but it’s also about being more comfortable in your skin and feeling liberated in everything you wear. 


Here are our fave picks to pair socks with!



Simple Flats And Slip-On’s

If you’re looking for a little simplicity between the statement pieces, a simple slip-on shoe is the perfect foot companion for all those day-to-day errands that never seem to come to an end. Feast your eyes (and feet) on our drool-worthy, comfortably chic slip-on shoes, lined with breathable pig-split leather. This is an absolute staple for the on-the-go woman!


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    Your shoes are so beautiful and y our advertising is original and fun, congratulations on an elegant presentation.

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