9 Playful & Easy Ways To Spark Creativity


"Creativity isn't about the advantage or disadvantage of a specific time or culture. Creativity is something that comes internally from a human being having a genuine mistrust of rules. And that may be the constant. It's almost like there's some rebellion in it." ~ Paula Scher
Here’s food for thought? Where do idea’s come from?
The process of creativity is often viewed as somewhat obscured. But observe any artist, musician or comedian engaged in their natural creative process and you’ll quickly realize that their everyday life IS the creative process.  When we fully immerse ourselves in all that life has to offer, we often find intrigue, wisdom, joy, greater understanding and indeed creativity.
We gather inspiration from all that is around us and the more we connect with our environment through culture, experience, and movement, the more likely we are to be inspired and to have new thoughts of stimulation – or ideas!
And that… ladies and gents is when – wonderful things start to happen!
‘If you’re not in a state of play, you can’t make anything’ – Paula Scher Abstract, the art of Design, Netflix
Here are a few playful things you can do to spark creativity!
  1. Play ‘fetch’ with a dog
  2. Jump on a trampoline (your heart will also thank you for this)
  3. Plan an adventure to a new place and actually go there!
  4. Let your mind wonder, no distractions just you and your mind
  5. Be silly. Even just for a minute
  6. Dance, sing – enjoy rhythm and movement
  7. Take a hike. make sure there’s a viewpoint for some perspective then… (now here’s the tricky part) resist the urge to take a picture with your phone but take one with your mind. (profound we know, but the feeling and experience that you open yourself to - will outlive any image on your phone.
  8. Read a book – anything that interests you is wonderfully inspiring for your mind
  9. Indulge your senses. As humans we learn through the combined use of our senses. So, smell the flower, touch the rugged wall, and take your beautiful Matsidiso shoes off once in a while - and just go barefoot!

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