5 Tough-Love Tips to Spring Clean Your Closet

The jury's still out on the on-going summer V winter debate, but finally, everyone's favourite season is upon us and I’m here to give you the much needed, short and sweet, tough-love guide on how to organize your closet this Spring!


If You Don’t Know Now You Know

The first thing you need to understand is that Winter is never really over, especially not in Cape Town, a malicious wind is ALWAYS lurking in the shadows, waiting to prey on innocent victims with short dresses and exposed feet.  
When you’re sitting in bed on a Sunday night, watching the channel 4 weather and the weather lady say’s “it’s gonna be a hot one tomorrow.” She REALLY means, yeah it’s gonna be hot, but you’re also gonna need to take a light jacket with for the wind, an emergency pair of socks in case your toes get too cold in the office, an extra puffer jacket in the car for that 9-minute storm that’ll make an appearance around noon and extra antiperspirant because, damn it’s hot!
Our unstable weather conditions can make it a little difficult to organize your closet for Summer, but take it from a 20-something-year-old who’s basically the poster child for spending all her coins at the local thrift stores... It can be done. #confessionsofashopaholic

Tough - Love Tip #1

There’s nothing more therapeutic and terrifying than cleaning out your closet. Spring cleaning calls for new energy, new space and a new you.

Every damn woman has her fair share of clothes that are just sitting at the back of her closet. You know what I mean… the ones where the dust bunnies are having more fun in it than you are. I know, I know... You were just browsing online and came across this frikken cool shirt that you just had to have and had absolutely no logical reason for purchasing it at all, but haven't worn yet because you’re “waiting for the right occasion”

 Take it from the girl who’s closet is mostly filled with clothes that could only possibly be worn to the most extravagant ball… The ball ain’t comin’.

Tough - Love Tip #2

When shopping for new clothes, if you cannot see yourself wearing that piece at least twice a week, don’t get it. Period. Following this rule will prevent the build-up of unnecessary clothes gathering dust in your closet. Fewer clothes equal less to organize.  

Tough - Love Tip #3

Breakups can be super hard and separation anxiety is real, I know. But honey so is hoarding and I’m sure you don’t wanna be the next subject on BBC’s Hoarders - Buried Alive.


The only way to separate the trash from the gems is to go through each and every clothing item and ask yourself “Do I really need this Harry Potter looking cape that’s been hanging in my closet since the Winter of’ 99?” 

My grade 7 teacher always used to say, if you’re hesitant to wear something - don’t wear it. As simple as that. The same can be said when deciding whether to keep clothes. 

 If you find yourself struggling to part with certain pieces that you know damn well you won't wear but you “like the option of having it”, remember the 5 G’s. 

Good God, Get A Grip Girl!


Tough - Love Tip #4

Once you’ve sorted through your clothes, separate them into two piles. A pile for your cupboard and a pile for your clothing rail. (If you don’t have a clothing rail on display in your room of your seasons' favourites, aesthetically placed according to shade and pattern then can you even call yourself a woman?) Use the clothing rail to hang your work staples and go-to pieces. 

Tough - Love Tip #5

It’s completely normal to wanna hold onto things, whether it’s for nostalgic reasons, or just because you can't stand to throw something away. (In that case, you truly are, a hoarder. Please seek help immediately.) 


Remember that there are so many who are underprivileged, who wish they had a fraction of what you have. If you come across clothes that you wanna get rid of, don’t actually throw them in the trash. Put them in bags and donate them to a hospice or to someone who needs it. You’d be surprised how many women and children are in need of clothes and shoes.  You were once blessed with those clothing items, now it’s time for you to bless someone else with yours. 

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