5 Self Care Tips For Under R100: Make YOU Your Priority

Self Care Guide For Under R100  By Matsidiso Shoes
Hello Lovely Fam!
Is it just me or do the years make you wiser?
I wouldn’t consider myself a ripe fruit, but I won’t lie – I vote for a book in bed over a frivolous revelry on most occasions.
I know I could come across as boring or basic, but the truth is, I’m quite comfortable with relishing my existence in my own unique way - and on my terms.
Often in life there is some sort of expectation. You know…. the things we should do but don’t necessarily want to do. The things that help us keep a respectable standing in society, but that don’t really feed our inner self!? (I won’t risk going into detail here, but I think you feel me!)
Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we must act in genuine aid of another – which is noble and incredibly necessary. But that doesn’t mean that we should feel guilty for taking some time off and for offering a polite ‘no thanks’ from time to time.
Setting aside some time to fulfil YOUR inner needs is far from a selfish deed. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. I’ve found that caring for myself allows me to be more giving, engaged and more appreciative of my time with others.
As women, we tend to give so much of ourselves to others and we wouldn’t have it any other way – for the most part. But we shouldn’t forget to love and consider our inner-selves - because that’s something only we can do.
Which is why I’d love to share these fun self-care takeaways with you!
My Top 5 Self Care Tips for under R100
Herbal Tea – there are so many things that herbal tea can help with.
Anything from period pains to detoxification – I mean, it’s a whole tea-world out there and it’s so worth the research and weird tastes!  Essentially Natural Herbal Teas
Get Moving – whether it be a short walk around the block or an extreme work-out, it’s no secret that exercise releases happy hormones – and leaves us better than it found us. Whenever I’m in a serious head-crunch – I stop, drop and take a walk. And believe me when I say it does wonders! For those rainier days there’s Body Fit By Amy. Her free YouTube classes are easy to follow and so much fun to do! 
Get Serious about ‘Me Time’ – Even if it’s 1 hour a week, whatever it is that you can spare. Leave your device at door. Take some time to ponder life and just be alone with your thoughts. Perhaps easier said than done. But vital, nonetheless.
Make your own Bubble Bath - it’s quick, fun and it can make that ‘Me Time’ all the more relaxing! Here’s a fun recipe that you’ll probably want to re-visit! Apartment Therapy - Bubble Bath DIY Recipe
Chocolate – If all else fails there is chocolate! Oh hello! To Honest chocolate, a home-grown small business - because nothing feels better than sweet treats and showing some local love!
Sending love, light and good vibes,
-Samantha & The Matsidsio Team

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