Lala In Jaguar Print Leather - Sale

La.La | f. Bantu language of South Africa, claimed to be extinct by some

If you're looking for a chic print that is both playful and neutral, LaLa's your girl! A mix of quirky and fun-loving, these heeled mules are for a cheeky woman who embraces a distinguished and unique outlook on life. Made from a variety of locally hand-printed fabrics, leathers and upcycled materials, the LaLa will have your feet dancing all day long. 

  • Made of beautiful, soft jaguar cowhide print leather 
  • Breathable pig split socking
  • 1-inch Cuban block heel made of pine and treated with Rubiocoat
  • Quality resin soles
  • Resin heel
  • Made by human hands in Cape Town, South Africa

*Fits like normal - sample sale items

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